August 29, 2017

Registration (TAN Application)

Steps for Registration:

  • Step 1 Apply for TAN Registration
  • Step 2 Confirmation of TAN Registration
  • Step 3 Allotment of Password by NSDL
  • Step 4 Request for Consolidated FVU

Step 1 Apply for TAN Registration

  • Open website www.tin-nsdl.com
  • Click on “Online TAN Registration” link given at mid of the screen under “Online Services”
  • New page will be opened, now click on Register TAN online link

Fill details like TAN, PAN, Name & other particulars under:

  • Details of Deductor
  • Contact details of Deductor
  • Provide details of accepted regular statement

After click on submit button, a confirmation screen will open. Check the details and click Confirm button. Thereafter “Acknowledgement for TAN Registration” will be shown, note down this Registration Number. Now you will receive e-mail from TIN on E-mail ID provided, having subject “Acknowledgement for TAN Registration” . This is just for intimation that you have applied for TAN Registration, the same number noted in above process will come.

Step 2 Confirmation of TAN Registration.

  • Thereafter another e-mail will be received, having subject “Confirmation for TAN Registration”.
  • Click on the Link provided and fill TAN, „TAN Registration Number‟, Login ID
  • Click on link “Check User Id Availability”
  •  If above User Id is not available, then provide another User Id and click on link “Check User Id Availability
  • If User Id is available, then click on Submit Button

Step 3 Allotment of Password by NSDL.

  • A new mail will be received on your e-mail Id form TIN containing User Id and Password.

Step 4 Request for Consolidated FVU .

  • Open website www.tin-nsdl.com
  • Click on Login o Select & Click on “TAN Registration” , following screen will be shown:
  • Feed TAN, User Id and Password (provided through e-mail by TIN mentioned as above) and click Submit .
  • On first time submitting, it will prompt for change the password .
  • Give the New Password, note it.
  • Click on request consolidated TDS/TCS statement.
  • On clicking submit a New screen will appear, Fill the required details

Now you will get on your registered email id a consolidated FVU file. The file is password protected and the password will be 15 digit Provisional receipt number.

From zip file a .TDS file will extract. This is equal to FVU file. This FVU file is related to period pertaining to Provisional receipt number fed. This file contain all the entries as amended by correction return if any. This file contain only entries of accepted returns.

Contact us for TAN Registration:

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